blom's oRIGINAL HeadbanD IS NO ORDINARY HEADBAND. A BLOM PATENT PENDING DESIGN, WITH MANY WAYS TO STYLE IT, you can look forward to a lot of headband love.

There are many ways to style the patent pending BLOM Original Headband. Here are a few ways to get you started.

how to style blom headband

Ways to wear the BLOM headband when you have the pleat and moveable knot at the back:

Full Width - Wear it at its full width of 15cm. Cover up messy hair, keep your head warm, or wear it for a street look that is non-slip and super comfortable.

Half Width - Love the comfort of the wide band, but want a thinner version? Half it by folding it neatly in half before or while putting it on.

1/3 Width - This look has been seen on the runways, worn just above the hairline. Wear it with slicked back hair and a neat ponytail. We suggest folding the headband before you put it on to get a clean finish.

Scrunched - Scrunch the headband to any width you like for a carefree and casual look.  

Fold - Pop the headband on your head at full width then fold it from the back forward. This adds a neat line or shows the two colours of our two-tone headbands.

Diagonal Fold - Similar to the fold style, but this time fold the headband over from the back forward *on a diagonal*.

Ways to wear the BLOM headband when you have the pleat or moveable knot at the front

Pleats  - One of the founder's favourite looks. Pop the pleats on your forehead and the moveable knot at the back for a simple chic look.

Turban Cross - This look requires the moveable knot to sit on your forehead. This is the classic turban look, where the moveable knot shows as a cross.

Turban Triangle - With the moveable knot on your forehead, arrange it so it sits like a triangle.  

Turban Rectangle - Again with the moveable knot on your forehead, but this time arrange the fabric so it sits like a rectangle. 

Straight Up - Set the straight join of the headband on your forehead. We feel like this look shouldn't work as well as it does, but it won us over. Just check out the photos for proof. 

Side Knot - Arrange the headband in the Turban Cross style, but with the piece sitting to one side of your face.  

What else it's got going for it

Happy Head Promise - We hate headband headaches as much as you! We've designed our headband so it's really comfortable without slipping around. Most likely you'll forget you're even wearing it.

If you're not happy with it, you have 30-days to return it for a full refund. We'll even pay return shipping within the USA.

Multi-Season - Wear it as an ear band on windy days, as a sweat headband on warmer days, or double it up on really chilly days (or lazy hair days). 

Soft & Sweat Wicking - Premium quality & silky soft rayon viscose fabric made from natural wood cellulose wicks the sweat away for maximum comfort.