In mid-2014 our founder set about reimagining the humble headband using principles of style, comfort and versatility. Many months of research, prototyping, and development lead to the making of the BLOM Original Headband, a patent pending design that ticks all the boxes. The headband launched in early 2015 and was an immediate sell-out success.

We are now continuing to develop products with these same principles, while packing in as much love and gutsiness as we can get in to everything we do.

We want to do the hard work for you, so you can do more color-filled and courageous living!

How we work

Wherever possible we are working with sustainable fabrics, ethically-driven suppliers, and are continually improving our supply chain. 

As a small company, we are often limited by what's already the market, rather than being capable of producing our own high-functioning sustainable fabrics. It's our aim to be at a stage where our buying power will mean we can innovate on the fabrics we use. 

Importantly, we are producing high-quality, occasion-versatile, and adaptable products.

We can't wait to show you what we're working on. You can sign up on our homepage for updates. 




Founder's Story

"Life is too short to be a spectator.

I believe in purpose driven living and pursuing things that sustain us. 

A high energy career in branding, innovation and leadership expanded my mind and made me hungry for more. I lived in London, Sydney, and Melbourne, working with sustainability and social change focused companies after an early stint in advertising.

But the pressures, trade offs and contradictions in even the most world-positive of roles took its toll. My body shut down and forced me to reconsider the path I had been on.

Today, I’m building a values based business that balances the wellbeing and happiness of everyone we touch, making thoughtful products that free people up to embrace life and live as colorfully as they dream.

Merging style with practicality, we're creating thoughtful, quality accessories that look great and are distinctly comfortable. 

Socially focused and environmentally concerned, I'm working on making sure everything we make is as thoughtful as possible. To me, this is why quality and practicality are so important to what we make."

Ariana Bourke

 Working from Bali, Indonesia - where the brand began. Ariana (Director), left. Grethel (Production Manager), right.

Working from Bali, Indonesia - where the brand began. Ariana (Director), left. Grethel (Production Manager), right.