Each day is another opportunity to do what we love. And what we love is making accessories that help women everywhere take their day head on and head high.

Because days are opportunities. Days are challenges. Days are chances to grow into your wilful, resourceful, powerful self.

So, raise up your beautiful head.


Our accessories are as versatile, thoughtful and strong as the women who wear them.

Made from high-quality long-lasting fabrics, our headbands and head scarfs are as functional and long lasting as they are gorgeous.

We believe in effortless put-together-ness without sacrificing comfort. No headaches, no snags, no slips. Not now, not ever. All so you can look cute, feel great, and focus on what matters most to you.


We’re inspired by strong women following their own path.

We are lovers and doers. We sweat, learn, and dream.

We are ready to discover what’s new. We are equipped to take on what’s next. We are multi-faceted, and we didn’t get this way by sticking our heads in the sand.

We take care of ourselves. We take care of those we love. We take care of the world.

We bring new life into this world and raise it up to find its place.

We know strength can take the form of patience. And that we’re bravest in the moments we feel afraid.


BLOM was born out of an especially difficult challenge.

I’m Ariana. My hair isn’t the most important thing in my day (usually!), but I take on my everyday challenges better when I feel stylish and comfortable.

I’d always had big dreams; I thought I knew where I was going. But suddenly, several years ago, I found my health failing me.

Without a safety net or a sense of how I could flourish with a newly uncooperative body, I moved to Bali, Indonesia. I began searching for a way I could thrive with this new version of me.

I crafted BLOM so I got to be me, just as I was. Ordinary and extraordinary, perfect and faulty, all the time same time. I needed to show up just as I was, because that was all I could be.

I took my ordinary-extraordinary self, my passion for products that are both gorgeous and functional, and a huge passion for sustainability and social change, and set to work creating beautiful yet simple, unique and functional headband for women.

Many months of prototypes lead me to design the BLOM Original Headband - a now patent pending design that can be styled in 14+ ways.

Ethically made by workers I’ve known for years in Bali, I’m focused on bringing new eco-fabrics and social projects to life as soon as I can.

Today my health is better than ever, and so is BLOM. I’m charmed and hope you will be too with a little bit of confidence-boosting style-forward headwear.


We believe women everywhere deserve a chance to raise up their heads and be mighty in their own unique ways.

Outside of working with ethically-driven community-minded producers in Bali, Indonesia, we are working to support a range of women empowering projects.

Africa: BLOM has given generously to The DEEP Samburu Project - a non-profit community based organisation dedicated to creating viable and sustainable futures for a group of women of the Samburu tribe in Northern Kenya. Overcoming poverty related challenges in the areas of health, education and women’s equality.

USA: Every month we donate dozens of headbands to girls, teens and women living in poverty in the USA. They are part of self-care packages organised by a charity partner via Good360.

Ariana, Founder & Director

Ariana, Founder & Director

Working from Bali, Indonesia - where the brand began. Ariana, left. Grethel (Production Manager), right.

Working from Bali, Indonesia - where the brand began. Ariana, left. Grethel (Production Manager), right.